A taste of Island living in the heart of Paradise!

Utila- second best of the '15 Best Islands You've Never Heard of' as rated by CNN (July 7,2013)

The Experience!

La Mayur is a combination of comfort and tradition, where the unique rhythm of life will bring you peace of mind. It is a rustic themed cottage in indigenous architecture by the locals. Wrapped in the cool embrace of Pumpkin Hill, lush vegetation of Quiebra Piedra, the Botanical Garden, and view of the Caribbean sea, the ambience that the cottage exudes is irresistibly appealing to every lover of Nature. As the daylight spills across your bed, awaken to a divers paradise or plan to make it a theme wedding destination.

  • Relax

    The cottage’s unique wooden architecture, a wrap around balcony, creates a cool and relaxing ambience and gives a new meaning to the word 'Relax'.

  • Active Vacation

    Want to have an active vacation full of fun, excitement and action? Look no further as the island of Honduras offers many different festivals for the whole family.

  • Self catering

    Feeling like becoming a chef? Then create and indulge in your own creations by using our fully equipped custom designed kitchen which is available for use while staying with us.

  • Events

    Are you planning a trip to Utilia and not sure which month to come? Would you like to take part in the many activities in Utila which are held all year round?

Weather In Utila
  • • Water temp is low 80F(27C) during summer and high 70F (21C) in winter
  • • Rainy season is September to January; rainfall is not steady.
  • • You are living on a tropical island;expect sand flies and bug bites. They are less from May to September. Best coped with by wearing full-length pants or using Deet based repellents.Deep Wood’s OFF brand works best and is available in local stores.
  • • First-timers to Honduras are often taken aback by the poverty in Central America.Visitors to Honduras need be aware that Honduras has the second lowest per capita income in the Western Hemisphere. At times, tourists land in Honduras, get a step or two off the path and say, "This isn't what I expected". The unfortunate reality of poverty exists throughout Latin America, even if some 5-star all-inclusive resorts and their promotional literature try to "protect" you from it.The island of Utila has a very different feel from the mainland of Honduras and islanders have their unique way of doing things and a higher standard of living than the mainland. Life isn’t rushed here and there is no need to ever feel anything more than mellow.

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