The Carnival - held in mid-July

The Carnival is a multiday event, starting with the election of the Carnival Queen and then continuing with street and beach parties throughout the island of Utila, held at Chepes Beach, Sandy Bay, The Point, Cola Mico. A fun parade is held Saturday, and then the week concludes with a big beach party on Sunday.

The Carnival Parade is one of the highlights of the week- especially as there are few actual cars on the island of Utila, the parade is a collection of golf carts, scooters, 4-wheelers, decked out with creativity.

Sunjam Utila -first weekend of August

Sunjam Utila -all night techno music party / rave based at the uninhabited Water Cay in Utila. Utila Sunjam is an annual event, and thousands of people from Central America and beyond come to Utila to join. Party starts mid-day. Water taxis available from town central dock

Other Events

Utila Dive festival held mid August.

Utila Food Festival held in October

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